Our Company:
e-CentricInnovations was founded in 1999, on the back of the burgeoning e-business market and the explosion of the use of the Internet for business.

e-CentricInnovations was established on the basis that "no one company" can do it all. e-CentricInnovations aims to become a leading e-business "solution aggregator" or "solution broker" by bringing together the right mix of business and technology experience to create the right solution for businesses in selected industries.

The founding members of e-CentricInnovations bring together a mix of business and information technology experience. The average experience of the 5 founding directors is greater than 12 years. Together we provide a balanced team of professionals who have been practicing in the e-business space for many years.
The common driving force behind e-CentricInnovations can be summarized by our mission and vision statements:

MISSION - To create value for businesses by providing them with industry specific e-business solutions.

VISION - To allow businesses to continue "doing business as usual" using web enabled technologies
At e-CentricInnovations we share a commitment to excellence and aim to deliver exceptional value to customers.

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