Our Value Proposition:

Foremost in our business strategy and approach is the value of our services as perceived by our customers.

In consulting, there is a saying that "you are only as good as your last engagement or project". We firmly adhere to this belief. As such we place very strong emphasis on not being complacent and remain focused on continually building a strong reputation, integrity, professionalism and aiming to achieve total customer satisfaction.
We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers.
Continuous feedback throughout the life of our customer relationships is inherent in our approach.

Our value proposition is based firmly on the benefits the customer perceives and the value the customer places on those benefits.

We believe that the value we bring to our customers are embodied in the differentiating areas of competency below.
Business Networks -

    Often one of the most important, intangible, yet valuable benefits we bring to our customers is the relationships we can help foster amongst themselves, creating a community of business that have synergy with each other. For example, we may introduce a financial institution to a commodity marketer who is about to establish financial services as part of its business portfolio.

e-business Solution Partners -

    We have partnered with key and leading e-business solutions vendors, which include strategic consulting companies, e-business hardware and software vendors and systems implementation partners locally, in Asia and Europe. Partnering with the right solution partners gives us access to resources, skills and technologies that we can bring together to develop solutions for our customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Long-term Relationships -

    One of the key success factors for a sustainable business is long-term partnership. We strive to develop lasting relationships with all our customers and business partners.

Asset Reuse -

    While consulting is our core business, we deliver more than just consulting services to our customers. We develop solution frameworks and assets from every project we perform and reuse these assets to encapsulate learning and experience, deliver best practice solutions in a shorter delivery time resulting in lower overall project costs.

Industry Experts -

    We bring to every project, in-depth industry knowledge, business acumen and technology expertise. All our principal consultants and stategic partners are experts and are highly respected in their field of practice.

Structured Approach -

    Our principals and consultants have all been through the "schools" of large consulting/vendor organisations and therefore are experienced in well defined Methodologies and Structured approaches to solutions development and delivery.

Technology Independence -

    We pride ourselves on remaining independent of any one particular technology platform. We work with our customers to develop the right solution underpinned by appropriate technologies, that are in line with the customer’s Information Technology strategy.

Lower Costs -

    Our Company is dynamic in nature with low overhead costs. We are flexible, fast and nimble and hence able to service our customers changing needs. This translates to lower costs to our customers. We are able to "value price" our projects through the assets and frameworks which we bring to accelerate the delivery of our projects.

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